The concert will customize the color Wireless controlled...

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  • January 22, 2018
         This is our factory production of a high-end Wireless controlled LED Bracelet led Bracelet led bracelet shape by simulation shape, we also use the watchband made of soft plastic environmental protection, the LED bracelet of the whole body is white, shape, size of wristbands are adjustable, and the built-in chip. The LED lamp is made of 15 kinds of color, make the bracelet color eye-catching, and remote control is also a function.
          Led bracelet is our factory last year developed a large concert special gift, to every admission of the guests will be equipped with one, when the audience is here, can use the remote control remote control LED Bracelet light, and the remote control is our range of 3000m, can control all are singing led bracelet, the remote controller is divided into 8 areas, the scene of the guests can press the bracelet light color divided seats, each partition of the LED Bracelet light color can be set into different colors, such as red, blue, green, pink, etc., but also can change the remote led Bracelet light emitting mode you can set the LED, Bracelet quick flash, slow flash, long light, we have a color rotation mode is flash, 15 colors on the bracelet in a rotation, very bright Eye, and this is the LED bracelet, we not only control the remote control, computer, music can be controlled.
            Music control LED bracelet is based on the DB, when the concert music is Madden, this led bracelet bracelet will be based on the number of DB flash, light color and flash LED bracelet bracelet patterns are based on the music changes, with music and light of different colors light.

           Because many European and American customers to buy the LED bracelet, so we have to, we will do a lot of 2017 CE certification, BSCI certification, every customer to visit our factory are shocked, we think the factory certification is too much, and the scale of our factory, workers, and mode of production are important reasons for our customers. And our enthusiasm, professionalism is an important point for our customers to give us a list.

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