A plant that plays the piano

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  • July 07, 2017

A plant that plays the piano

          In June 2017, forest development company developed an office decompression plant, which is placed in the office desk, listening to music at any time, to relieve mood and reduce stress.

This product is a flower pot shape, features a lot more:
         1. It can be used as a flowerpot. It can contain the real flowers and plants, and there is a water outlet in the center
         2, can be used as a piano, touch the pot in the middle of the sensor, you can release notes
         3, can be used when the night light, a switch at the bottom of the flowerpot, can emit colorful light
         4, when speakers can be used to connect the phone Bluetooth, you can release the music you want to hear

         The musical flower pot not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has 360 degree surround sound effect, USB charging, long playing time, and more adjustable volume, which is very popular with women in the office.

         When you go to work very depressed, you can touch the flowers and release the wonderful music to extract
         When you are facing the computer all day long, you can put a pot of green plants on the table
         When you want to listen to music, he can use it as a speaker.

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