A baby night light for children

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  • January 27, 2018
        This baby night light is what we have already in production, but before we only had several mold, last year we opened, there are a series of baby night light, such as animal, heart-shaped, round, fruit shape we are ready, and the colors we have is different, not a size is about 5cm or so, the outside of the material we use is made of high quality environmental protection ABS, suitable for children to play, at night can also be used when the baby night light.
        Baby night light is the shell material of environmental protection ABS, the shell color is can be made into different shapes, we also have a lot of regular shape, if customer needs other shapes we can also mold making, baby night light inside the battery is 2 CR2032, LED lamp brightness is big with high beads, beads color our routine is white, blue, red and other colors, to other colors we also can give customers replacement. We can also change the size of the baby, night to light before, we give an Australian customers had a large outdoor night light, he is put in an outdoor use, there are about 50cm, heard that he placed next to the outdoor lawn and swimming pool, convenient walking or swimming at night.

        Baby night light we are mainly exported to Europe and other countries, we will through some general certificate, guarantee the quality of products and transportation security clearance, in the last year our factory passed the BSCI inspection and proof, a new quality management in each batch of goods before shipment will take the inspection time, substandard products we will return to the factory inspection, re inspection by it to customers until.

baby night light