The world's ten largest bicycle light brand

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  • August 25, 2017

            A complete bicycle light is composed of an illuminating lamp and a warning lamp. A car headlight lamp (lamp) and helmet lights, tail lights and fire lights are warning lights.  
            Here has collected some foreign well-known brand bicycle lamps, for everybody riders, riding friends reference.

bicycle light
1, Light & Motion
            Professional diving and bicycle light design manufacturer, has more than 20 years of history. The main products for the headlights, some products can also be a helmet lamp. There are three major products: commuter, Multi-sport and Performance. Product positioning in the high-end, the price ranging from $85-$600, excellent product quality, is a high grade products in the car lights. 

2, Cygolite
           Senior U.S. bicycle lamp brand, with headlights and taillights, a helmet lamp part. Price: headlamp is different from $69-$450, tail lamp: $30-$40. The vast number of riders reflect that the lights are really bright, but the price is really expensive. 

           Table lamp and the Japanese car manufacturers, products are the front lights and warning lights, high-grade products are the cheapest headlights to sell $18, the most expensive to sell nearly $500. warning lamp price is low, mid-range price $9-$30. more products, more riders purchase.  
4, Trelock
           The German bicycle parts manufacturer, product code table, car lock and lights.  The cheapest price for a headlight is 19 euros, usually in the range of 40 to 50 euros, and the most expensive is around 90 euro. The warning light is from 11 euro to 25 euro. 

5, Niterider
           American brands, specializing in the production of bicycle lights, with headlights and warning lights, headlights have common battery and rechargeable battery two.  The price is relatively high, the price from $69.9$595 headlights, $10-$32 warning lamp. 

6, Topeak
           Taiwan professional bicycle accessories manufacturers, has 20 years of history, is the whole product line, a kettle, fenders, headlights, stopwatch, inflator, luggage rack, repair station, store display, maintenance tools etc.. The lamp has super bright headlights and safety warning lamp two, products work fine, adopt new technology more new products, the product fit riders use requirements. Products to medium, medium and low based, ultra bright headlights, high-end prices in USD400, midrange in USD120-250, low-end in USD46-65, safety warning light at USD10-30. 

7, Blackburn
          The United States in the low-end brand products are bicycle accessories, headlights and safety warning lamp, the price is more close to the people, the price of USD20 headlights - USD95, USD15 - USD19. safety warning lamp

8, Sigma
          In the end the German bike, heart rate table and lamp manufacturers, lights and headlights and set safety warning lamp. The low-end product suite USD23, in the end product suite USD120-150, high-end USD180-230 USD15-35. headlights, safety lamp

          Taiwan professional light design manufacturer, products are less, car lights in line with German regulations, the price of USD60-90, no safety warning light. 

10, exposure
           From the British brand, the biggest feature is the so-called 10W beyond the brightness of HID intelligent light lamp, built-in high capacity lithium battery, safety warning lamp.