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  • August 25, 2017
       Today, we received a return from an old customer about Led glasses. The customer said our glasses were very good, and we'll have another batch this year.

       The customer is an American supplier, he specializes in LED gifts of this last year, because he needs to give a large-scale activities to provide Led glasses, so we began to find, he is not special, believe us, just think we offer more appropriate Led glasses, and at the same time there are several competitors, price almost, but he because of our good service, we think the salesman is very professional, very quickly understand his meaning, and we also provide BSCI certificate, after our sales efforts, we believe that the customer finally, paid the luminescent glasses of the deposit, then the project is very normal, until the fifth day, customers contact us suddenly, said to be 3 days in advance of delivery, because of their activities because of the weather in advance, but that of our factory is one of the great difficulties Difficult, because we have good production scheduling, then every day will be good, and now the time to catch up, will upset a lot of plans, but the boss said we can advance the time of delivery, so we also told the client, we immediately after the meeting, make a plan, recruit temporary workers, working overtime. Finally, on the last day of the morning, we have 10000 Led glasses crashing out, immediately notify the freight over delivery, shipment. Finally, in the day before the customer request, the customer received the Led glasses, and tested several cases of Led glasses, I think the quality is very good.

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