How to pick a cheap hand held fan

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  • December 05, 2017
            Often there are customers asking, do you have a cheap hand held fan? I will ask the customer, you are in one place, can understand the requirements, then we recommend suitable products for customers, this is very important, for example, customers only need one can take the fan in hand, to cheap, we cannot recommend the USB charge which, we will pick the commonly used models our factory has the goods, cheap price to customers, the use of high quality. Here I'm on the market for some hand held fan classification and use of the occasion.

           1, the most commonly used, is the most expensive one, we often have to do, no other function, just carry the hand held fan, this is a more popular on the market, is also very old style, many customers will choose this, print their own logo, to do their own company under the Xuanquan, using a battery charging.

           2, this is the first version of the upgrade. It can be made into a lamp with a lamp, which is convenient for users to use at night. Some even charge USB on the top, which is more expensive than the first price, but the function will be much stronger. The battery will be charged for 2 times.

          3, this is different from the 2 above. This is hand held fan with spray function, it can add moisture to your face in the hot summer, and make your skin moist.

         4, this is my newly developed hand held fan this year, mainly because of good material and strong wind force, and it is USB used for charging and battery 2. In modeling, we use the design that is in line with human body.
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