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  • January 22, 2018
        This is our third generation of pet led Pet Pendant, we are the first generation of LED Pet Pendant dog bone shape, the second generation of LED Pet Pendant is a circle, this is our third generation, the shape is made of pet claw shape, and is also a lamp number increased to 4, more dazzling.
         Led Pet Pendant uses 3 LR41 batteries, continued to work longer, while the LED Pet Pendant of the conventional shell color has red, green, blue, Led lamp color is 4 pieces of the same color LED lamp, the light is yellow, but also can according to customer demand for customized colors lamp. The above keys are buckled with a metal lobster button, which can be hung in many places, such as the neck of a pet, or on the feet.
         And the LED Pet Pendant is generally in the retail sales above, our factory has design professional design staff for each customer to customize different packaging, and can be used with plastic card form, convenient retail display.
         The customers who order this led Pet Pendant are mainly in Europe and America. They are all local distributors. They will regularly give our factory the next one, with a fixed population and consumers.
          Like the LED Pet Pendant we sell, we will do some quality checks. Our production is that there will be a full time test for the special personnel. Before the shipment, our factory will have a sampling inspection and give a quality inspection report for each shipment. When the first shipment, we will also do some CE, FCC and other international certification, to ensure that the customers will not have any problems after receiving the goods.
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