How to prevent the explosion of a led bobo balloon

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  • December 04, 2017
        Recently, in China, many news reports have reported that the led bobo balloon is exploded. It's a pity for us to do that. We also want a lot of ways to prevent this happening. Finally, we think of the following 2 ways.
        1, when using a light-emitting balloon, do not charge hydrogen in it, because hydrogen is unstable and easy to explode. We suggest that it is filled with helium in the luminous balloon, which can also make the luminous balloon ascend to the air, but it will not explode. Helium is more expensive than hydrogen, but for the safety of life, you will also ask all dealers to fill it with helium.
        2, we can use light balloon, air filled inside, although he could not rise in the air, but we now give the balloon with a 3M long transparent rod, at night, we can not be known best, like the rose which is the effect of the air balloon, and more cheap.
       For this light balloon, our factory is using the high quality latex, has good extensibility, although the size is very small, but full of gas, can make the ball change, we also used the light emitting diode lamp is also very good, high light transmittance, can also be brighter in the night.
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