2018 popular USB charging led shoe clip light

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  • January 26, 2018
          This is our factory in 2017 of the new R & D, USB led shoe clip light charging, we developed several LED shoe clip light is to buy good, are generally sold in Singapore, Australia, the United States, Britain, France and other countries, because the applicability is very high, the price is cheap, so our annual sales volume is about about 1000000, each color has, moreover, many sports brand is to cooperate with us.

          Led shoe clip light we are experiencing over 3 generations, the first generation is the most simple style, led shoe clip light battery is directly fixed at led shoe clip light, can not replace the battery, the equivalent of disposable products, directly discarded after use, the second generation of LED shoe clip light is a drawer type, can replace the battery, convenient for users to reuse, the third generation of USB led shoe clip light is charging, which will be equipped with a battery that can not be replaced, but we can use USB to LED shoe clip light is charging, can be used repeatedly for a long time, and more functional.

           USB led shoe clip light charging Shell we conventional black, white, red, pink, and the light bar routine is blue, red, green, white, light pink and other colors, to color lamp shell and we also can be customized according to customer requirements of different colors, and the inside of the cell is selected the quality of the best security activity 2 CR2016, use for a long time, the head of the shoes pinch we will do some non slip, such use will not because of action caused by excessive led shoe clip light button is placed down, led shoe clip light's head, it's convenient for the user to operate their own lights. The flash mode has 3 kinds, quick flash, slow flash, constant light, convenient for customers to choose their own.

            Before buying our LED shoe clip light is usually a large activity and outdoor sporting goods company. Like outdoor activities, we usually pack them individually in OPP bags, reducing other costs and giving them the best price. Like some of the world famous outdoor sports chain stores, we will use the card or double gun shell packaging, it will introduce the use of the method, after which the authentication, and packaging design will be more beautiful, let the customer see the desire to want to buy this package is convenient, easy to display business customers to see the show.

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