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  • September 22, 2017
The led lamp is a new zipper light this year we have developed, the zipper light is multi-purpose, our original design is when it is ready to give when outdoors on the surface not hanging on the zipper, can effectively protect the wearer's personal safety, so we design the zipper light cabinet. Easy to carry; however, we do out of the zipper light camera when finished, suddenly found the other zipper light, such as hanging in the car, when the bicycle lights, and lights from our zipper light color is very brisk, pedestrians can give 30 meters ahead to see, because the zipper is relatively small light, you can put the backpack, the backpack made several lights, together, will give people the feeling is very fashionable, color is also very rosy.

The zipper light, we use is made of plastic, so the zipper light color is very bright, the color is also a lot of, any color can be customized, which can control the light switch, flash mode, zipper light also can be removed, you can replace the battery shell, we will customize the CE logo, the zipper light is through some testing certificate.

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