2018 factory wholesale sales promotion Metal Pen

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  • February 01, 2018
       This Metal Pen is mainly used for promotional purposes. It's a high-grade Metal Pen. It is loved by many businesses because its shape is pretty good, and its quality is good.

       Metal Pen is used Aluminum Alloy, above Metal Pen is our oiling process, we like this pen in the oil added gold foil, looks very high-end, is also quite attractive, like many of our customers are put into their own LOGO products in the pen, as before, a customer is the pill, he put the foil inside for 2 pills, and marked their LOGO in the above, let a person see you know which pharmacies, so the promotion effect is very good. This Metal Pen can also be placed in others, such as some cartoon characters, or some cards, and so on are all good.

       This Metal Pen with foil is one of our U.S. customers customized, he is to do high-end gifts are used, each in their store to buy them a gift, they will give customers one of the Metal Pen, to return to the client, but they are due to us that must be of good quality, and work better, to smooth the surface, and writing fluency, worthy of their gifts, so we made this factory, workmanship, quality is excellent, is also very suitable for their products, the most important is the sum of the price is not expensive, in line with their budgets so, soon give us orders.

Metal Pen