A system of popular shoelaces

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  • August 23, 2017

 A system of popular shoelaces

A diagram of the movement of a shoelace. The importance of the shoelace of a sport shoe, because, generally speaking, sneakers are worn for movement. Then, a pair of sneakers that do not tie up can cause foot problems, which can affect the performance of the athletes. So what about the lacing method? Take a look at the diagram of the shoe laces!

[method of double post system for motion lacing]


* the method of moving the shoelace line * step 1. pull the shoelace straight through the shoe holes (gray part) above the second row. Step 2. cross the laces at both ends, jump through the third row of shoe holes and pass through the fourth row of shoe holes. Step 3. continue down, and pass through the two row of shoe holes at the same time. Step 4., wear the two shoe holes at the bottom, then 22 up and through the spare shoe holes.

The laces of the laces are short and tight, but the method is a little difficult!

[movement of shoelaces] method of diagram, double cross method


* the method of drawing the laces of the shoes * step 1., take the shoe head from the bottom (gray part) straight from top to bottom through the two shoe holes at the bottom. Step 2. skip the two row of shoe holes and cross through the fourth row of shoe holes. Step 3. cross again and then go down from the third row of shoe holes. Step 4., continue to wear up, each time first cross, and then go up to the third row of shoes hole. Finally, cross the hole from the top of the shoe hole.

A chain diagram of a sport shoe, this kind of shoelace is decorative, difficult to tie, and very difficult to wear if you wear it wrong!

Warm clew: This Law is in even the shoe of pair of shoe hole (for example: 8 pairs =16 shoe hole) look best. If this method applies to a pair of shoes with 7 pairs of eyelets, then skip the bottom second rows of eyelets. This will make the last part of the shoelace slightly diagonally different. Of course, you can choose to do this at the beginning or at the end. You can also make a standard cross over it.

A diagram of the movement of a shoelace. If it is an even pair of shoes, you can use this method at the top and bottom to avoid any holes in the shoes. This method can also wear the tassel type complex, as shown on the left. It may seem cool, but it's hard to tie it up or relax. Our shoes and sports shoes (as shown) can not move inside fasten part off.