Yellow duck sound keychain

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  • August 17, 2017
          Cute little yellow duck with a sound keychain attached to the backpack for decoration
         This sound is mainly Keychain hanging in the other place to do the decoration, it can also be as boring.
         Our factory developed a sound keychain is a multifunctional keychain, keychain made the sound shape of the yellow duck is mainly to attract children , then the keychain can emit sound like a duck, increase the interest of the child, finally, the key to sound keychain light, let the children can be found in the night my home.
        Sound Keychain material we use is the environmental protection material, will not affect the child, which led is a gentle light, not dazzling, we use such battery batteries, can continue to supply, the sound of voice Keychain we adopt corresponding animal sounds, but not too big, sound Keychain the shape we can according to customer needs, customized for different shapes.

         The small yellow duck sound keychain is a key button made by our company specially for all kinds of children's summer camp, backpacks, gifts, and various promotions.

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