How to select high quality led bracelet

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  • December 04, 2017
         Now, there are all kinds of led bracelet on the Internet, and I give a brief introduction to our led bracelet.
         The luminous hand rings sold on the Internet are divided into 2 major categories, fluorescent bracelets and led bracelet
         Fluorescent led bracelet is relatively simple. When making bracelet, add some phosphors in the led bracelet. This kind of bracelet is generally made of silicone bracelet, simple and convenient, and most importantly, the price is cheap.
         The other is the LED light-emitting bracelet, which is the most expensive on the market, and the price is also different. It is mainly about the function of the bracelet, and this light-emitting bracelet is also the main product of our factory.
         1, the most simple is a light / sound / vibration led bracelet, this is the cheapest, is the best selling, his price mainly depends on the material of products, prices were basically the same, the main material is silicone led bracelet, ABS, TPU etc., mainly used for various occasions party, no place is limited.
         2, second is the first upgrade edition, the main achievement is to realize voice remote control, small range, wireless control and other control, more convenient, the material also has a variety of bracelet, nylon, silicone, ABS lamp, which is mainly used for small birthday party, bar, Party etc..
        3, this is the second paragraph of the upgraded version, to achieve control of a wide range of more than 3000m, and DMX to realize computer control, mainly for large-scale concerts or karaoke, with audio flash.
        4, this is one of the latest research and development in 2017, the main function is the RFID function, can use chip control, as the admission test and other functions

       In fact, how to choose this kind of led bracelet, 1, mainly depends on your usage occasion and price 2. Look at the supplier's ability. This is the most important reason, because a good supplier can make you reduce many problems, which is more important than money. Lin Lin is such a factory supplier. We have 3 teams that can help customers solve problems very quickly, and will also give customers the best advice from a professional perspective.

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