Wholesale and cheap fashion led pet Pendant

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  • January 25, 2018
        Recently, many European and American customers visit our website to buy the LED pet Pendant to our customers, said the LED pet Pendant on their side is very popular, many consumers love led pet Pendant, because the price is cheap, the shape is also very good, simple and generous, but also very easy to use and, lots of local small shops will sell the LED pet Pendant.

        Led pet Pendant our shell is made of silicone, transparency is very high, there are 1 high brightness beads, and bound on a circuit board, the LED pet Pendant there are 2 CR2016 battery, running led pet Pendant security for a long time, led pet Pendant is equipped with eight metal buckle. You can easily hang in some pet neck or back.

        The main function of LED pet Pendant in the night to give your pet a security guarantee, will be out of the traction rope to many pets at night, they walk everywhere, but then there is a great chance of an accident, if lost, before we take our pets on the LED pet Pendant, led pet Pendant will be issued by the dazzling light, it is easy to find lost pets in the night. And wearing led pet Pendant on pets also ensures the safety of pets.

        Led pet Pendant we often give some foreign distributors, or some small grocery store, the number of 1000 to 50000, before a Amazon's customers have been on our side set the LED pet Pendant, often give us back to a single, because our quality is very good, the price is cheap, and know the Amazon warehouse, know where the freight, freight or logistics for what. And this customer is probably returning to us for 2 months, because led pet Pendant is ranked on the first page on Amazon, which sells hundreds of products every day, and customer reviews are all good.

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